Friday, February 11, 2011

The Hollygrove Neighborhood

Surrounding the Bayou Rebirth site is an area of extreme poverty and much damage from Katrina. This area is one of the lowest lying areas in the city and was compromised before Katrina. Most of the houses you see in these photos are examples of the inablity of the residents to return. The atmosphere is one of desolation.

However ,we did see some glimmers of hope - the Saints' banner is a brave attempt to make life feel normal again and the pink house is actually restored to its former charm.
A final note, this area has been without sewage disposal since Katrina. We were able to talk to a private contractor, who with a team, was restoring services to the neighborhood. The Lower Ninth Ward gets alot of attention in regards to the "wrongs" of Katrina but the Hollygrove neighborhood suffered almost the same level of destruction without the media or Brad Pitt's attention

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