Saturday, January 31, 2009

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Saturday evening in New Orleans

It's Anne again! The main group from Milton arrived mid-afternoon and we are nicely settled into the parish house of St. Andrew's church in a very nice section of New Orleans. For dinner, we chose a restaurant up the street that specializes in spanish food and was able to accommodate all 15 of us. Judy and Patty and I returned home while the remaining crew made for the local supermarket to lay in supplies. I am waiting up to see the results of a dozen people shopping simultaneously! Should be interesting!

Tomorrow we will participate in the 10 AM service at St. Andrews and then tour New Orleans in the afternoon to get our bearings and a flavor of the city before we start work on Monday.

from Mobile to New Orleans

Saturday evening, January 31st

Well - we're actually here in New Orleans! As some of you know, I left Milton in a snowstorm on Wednesday and drove to New Orleans. It was a wonderful opportunity to drive southwest across the Appalachians and see a part of the country that I hadn't really seen before. I spent last night in Mobile, Alabama and this morning drove along the Gulf Coast of Mississippi. While there has been considerable rebuilding of commercial buildings (casinos, hotels, McDonalds) along the coast, the devastation remaining from the 2005 hurricanes is still starkly visible. Vacant lot after vacant lot with only foundations visible. A cross and a sign that read: "St Patrick's Episcopal Church is temporarily worshipping at ......." All that remains of the church is its foundation looking out over a silver white beach and the peaceful waters of the Gulf of Mexico. All along the coast, for several blocks inland, the ravages of the hurricanes are still clearly visible.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Getting ready to go!

I can't wait to go to NOLA. I feel like we did all that we could possibly do to get ready to go. Thank you Sheila, and all others for getting us prepared.

It's exciting! And thank you James for setting up this blog and for Randy Wambold for the idea of doing one.

It's keeps us in deeper contact with the Parish, for as we have said all along, "All of us are going on the trip to New Orleans" to share the love and care that we have witnessed of God here at the Church...with those that we meet!