Monday, February 2, 2009

Sunday in New Orleans

Hi! This is Sheila - no, we're not living at the Ritz - it's more like an Army Barracks. Lana, Sheila, Judy and Lorraine are in a small room with a billiard table in the middle of it (Lorraine is sometimes found sleeping under the billiards table). But it doesn't matter because we are so tired that we sleep anyway.

Yesterday we went to church in our host church, St. Andrew's. A beautiful sermon very much tied into mission work. We were welcomed with open arms by the congreationa and were invited to two of their homes for a chance to have supper and watch the Super Bowl. In the afternoon we took a wonderful tour of the city. We saw everything from the devastated 9th ward to the French Quarter to the extraordinarily beautiful garden district, from the worst conditions imaginable to some of the most beautiful homes we've ever seen. We had excellent tour guides, mine still filled with indignation that his beautiful city has come to such an end and nothing is being done about. Of particular interest were the graveyards - we'll fill you in later with pictures.

Check in next for a posting about today.


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