Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday in New Orleans

Well, today was our first day of work. Early this morning we started to spread out across the city to a range of work sites. First to depart were the crew working on a house reconstruction site - John, Johanna and Lorraine worked all day with a Diocesan sponsored crew sanding and plastering a small house with no power (and therefore no lights) and no bathroom facilities to enable the owner and her extended family to return home as soon as possible. Sam, Debbie, Dianne, Heather, and Ranjit supported a Beacon of Hope project completing reconstruction on a house that will be used to shelter interns arriving in two weeks - alot of pressure to finish it quickly! Judy and Patty spent the day serving at the animal shelter, cleaning out cages, tending animals, and headed straight for the showers when they got home! Lana, Sandy, Cece, Sheila and Anne headed off to the Green Charter School to help them organize their new 3rd floor library, cataloguing books and organizing their shelves. At the moment the library is off limits to the school's K-8 students so that they can be surprised when it opens in two weeks. No pressure there either.

Tonight Heather organized a kitchen crew who whipped together four quiches from scratch in under 15 minutes so that we would be ready to meet with Pete Nunally, the Diocesan volunteer coordinator who has done so much to make this mission possible. Pete spent several hours with us explaining what it's like to live with the aftermath of Katrina. He and our more energetic members are now out on the town which is why tonight's blog comes from us. When Ranjit returns he will add pictures.

We love reading your comments - please keep them coming and keep us in your thoughts.

Anne and Sheila


  1. Hi Sheila and Anne,
    Thanks for spending time blogging. Love the details on where you are staying and what your are doing, all supported with photos! Love the photo of Sam and its symbolism - in workman's clothes, in front of a window with light on his face, etc. Cheers to Mama Quiche!! Are you sleeping on the floor or are there cots? and what's the weather like?
    with love and light,

  2. Hi all -- we're writing from the Berkeley public library in California, on the children's floor which is absolutely beautiful. Sasha loves seeing the pictures of Grammy in NOLA -- we are glad to hear you've all arrived safely and love following the blog. Our thoughts are with you!

    Much love -- Flynn, Jennifer & Sasha!

  3. Hi Everyone,

    Kudos to Randy, James and Ranjit for making this blog happen. It certainly looks like you are all working very hard. I have a feeling when you return everyone is going to be very sore and tired, but immensely satisified. I'm looking forward to hearing all of the details. Please keep blogging and posting pictures.

    Jeff Swanson

  4. Greetings from snow covered (again) Milton! Thanks so much for keeping us posted on your projects and the good/hard work you're all doing.
    Judy, I spoke with John tonight and he said he got an 11 PM phone call with music the other night. Ranjit....behave yourself!
    We're all praying for you. Can't wait to hear more about your experiences. Wishing you all the best.
    Love and Peace,