Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Judy Rice Reflects on New Orleans

New Orleans was wonderful!  Such a beautiful city - I know now why the people are so proud of it and did not want to relocate after Katrina.  I was expecting sunny skies and warm(er) temperatures, but the green grass, blooming flowers, flowering trees, and palm trees were a wonderful surprise.  Everyone kept teasing me because I kept saying "this is so amazing!"  We were welcomed and thanked by all we met - even down to the clerk at the gift shop at Trinity Church.  They were so appreciative that we came - thanks to all of you we were able to.

I did a variety of things while we were there - the animal shelter, the charter school library, Loaves and Fishes (making and bringing lunches to both homeless and volunteers throughout the city) and the Dragon Cafe (think Monday lunch program except it's at night).  I can't wait to go back again. Despite all that has been done, there is still so much to do.  Everyone we met was affected in some way.  

The spirit of the city is still strong, despite all they have been through.  They are looking forward to Mardi Gras (decorations have been up for weeks) and they just love having tourists come as well as the many volunteers we met from all over the country.  Hope you can join us this Sunday to taste, see, and hear more about our trip.  Judy Rice

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