Thursday, February 9, 2012

Prayers for New Orleans

I am so struck with the spirit of the people of New Orleans - their kindness, hospitality, and welcoming of us. Everyone thanks us for coming (and you all for sending us) and for not forgetting them after so many years. At the New Orleans Mission all the guests said "thank you m'am" and "God bless y'all". Mildred gave us all hugs for painting the ironwork around her house. John and Betty stood wistfully at the door (she in her wheelchair) waving goodbye after we cleaned up their yard. Amanda opened up her home for us to use her bathroom while we were working in the Bayou Rebirth gardens and then came to say goodbye. Mother Susan of St. Andrew's, Rev. Jim at St. George's, and Father Bill at St. Anna's all welcomed and thanked us.

I am also struck by people's openness for us to pray for them - the countless murder victims, their families, and their prepatators. Dave from the Mission's babies who were kidnapped. Corey at the Mission who is lost and confused. Amanda who worries about 8 year old girls who know already what rape is. Bev who lost not only her son but her beloved dog. Joe and Gloria who are still working on their house. Please keep them and all the people of this glorious city in your prayers.

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  1. My prayers are all about the wonderful friends St. Michael's has made in NOLA and for the team that is there now. Thank you for sharing the true nature of what the mission trip is all about Judy! My heart is full with love for you all and our NOLA friends too! XO