Saturday, February 11, 2012


The PNOLA group really felt great about all the work we were able to complete at Lola and April's house. The family room floor is installed and the trim board applied. We also demolished a water soaked closet and finished an amazing amount of painting and plastering in other rooms in the house. Things are looking very promising for the family to be able to return home. April was very grateful and, while shy, really came around by the end of our week. She presented us all with a Mardi Gras cup and beads to bring home to Boston with us. We wished her well and hope to visit her in her finished home with all her family on another trip to NOLA.

All of us were struck by the fact that the neighborhood we were working in was still so affected by Katrina. Some houses on the street were looking cared for, but others were clearly unoccupied and many had been torn down. Amazingly this neighborhood is only 3 blocks from the beautiful Garden District and prosperous St Charles Street. This is truly a divided city with most of the neighborhoods looking neglected and forgotten. We all felt blessed to have been able to help Lola and April. Thank you all for helping us bring St. Michael's loving community to New Orleans.

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