Saturday, January 16, 2010

NOLA 2010 - It's getting close!


It's hard to believe that the mission trip for 2010 is almost here - we have been thinking about it since we returned last Feb and now it is almost a reality. There have been some ups and downs but things are coming together and it should be another great trip. Fourteen of us will be boarding the plane on Saturday January 30 and returning on Saturday February 6 (one will be driving - thanks Anne for bringing our sleeping bags down again!) About half of us went last year and half are going for the first time. The Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana is setting us up with our work assignments as well as our housing. Most of the group is interested in working with the St. Paul Homecoming Center which does landscaping, yard work and painting, helping residents finish up the work around their homes. The next biggest group will be working in the feeding ministries (similar to the Monday lunch program and the food pantry) since the need for food is always great and there are a few hardy souls who will be doing construction, rebuilding homes for the residents who 4 1/2 years later are still displaced.

In addition to working hard for the 5 weekdays we are there, we are also planning on attending church Sunday morning at St. Andrew's Episcopal church in whose parish hall we will be staying. That afternoon we will be taking a tour of the city to see what has changed since we were there last. We also plan to attend church Wed night at St. Anna's, have a simple dinner there to listen to some local jazz musicians, and make our donation to their food pantry which was closed last year due to no food.

Although only 15 of us are boarding the plane the entire parish of St. Michael's as well as our family and friends are coming too - without your support both spiritually and financially this trip would not be possible. Thank you so much, please keep us in your prayers, and check the blog daily to find out what we are up to! (You can access it through the St. Michael's website).

Judy Rice

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