Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Changes Changes and we haven't even left yet!

Well it's the Wednesday before we are leaving and believe it or not many things have changed since I last wrote 2 weeks ago! We are not staying at Chalstrom House (St. Andrew's parish hall) which we just found out about yesterday. Instead we will be staying at the Urban Ministry Center which is a former bed and breakfast on the edge of the Garden District. Our church plans may be changing too since we won't be right next door to St. Andrew's but there are many Episcopal churches in the area to choose from (Christ Cathedral, Trinity, St. George's to name a few).

Our plans to go to St. Anna's for worship, dinner, some jazz, and to make a donation to the food pantry are also in flux! Apparently jazz is on a hiatus until after Easter and the food pantry is inactive for some unknown reason. We are still planning on going for worship and dinner as it stands now. We may have to find somewhere else for music and also to make our donation to those in need - the two feeding ministries that we will be working at rely on donations to keep going so those are possibilites - stay tuned!

The group is now comprised of more new members than those who went last year. Nine of the fifteen are going for the first time, including one youth. The additional feeding ministries that we had hoped for fell through so now most of us will be working at the Beacon of Hope doing painting, yard work,etc. We have four members now working at Rebuild which just moved their warehouse we found out today! A number of people will also be working at a nursery (the plant kind).

It has been somewhat challenging as the trip leader (alias Elisha or Superman) but everyone in the group has been very patient dealing with all the changes. Many thanks to everyone in the parish and to all our supporters for all your support both spiritually and financially. You will truly be with us every step of the way. I hope you got to hear the terrific Mission Moments the past 3 Sundays from Barb Phinney, Anne Aylward, and Mary Truslow. Special thanks to Sam, Sheila, Heather, Vicki, and the Outreach Commission for always being there for advise, support, and assistance. Please keep us in your prayers as we journey off into the unknown (more so every day it seems!) and stay tuned to the blog!

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