Friday, July 24, 2009

Thursday's B-Safe lunch at Church of the Holy Spirit

In your wildest dreams who would've thought mac and cheese could be so complicated! Well, when your serving it up as the main course for 65+ kids, volunteers and adults and need 75+ plates ready to go all at the same time and you've got " too many cooks in the kitchen" complicated it can turn out to be! Fortunately the master chefs took control, everyone else took their lead and the mission was gracefully accomplished! With a slice of confusion and a dash of chaos we did it perfectly! The executive decision in the heat of the moment to run out and get french bread to add to the menu was a tremendous hit. More bread please, more bread please was heard throughout the lunch room. The other huge hit was the peach idea- on the side of their mac and cheese they had celery sticks, tomato slices ( didn't hear much about them ) and one half of a huge peach, wow! delicious, ripe, sweet and fresh. They loved it! Dessert was an assortment of various flavored brownies and cookies baked fresh with lemonade to drink which topped off a perfect meal. These kids are so appreciative! These kids are so adorable, thankful, hungry and happy! Their spirits are definitely in the right place! When Thursday's lunch was all said and done and their tummy's were full we got a thunderously loud, in unison: " Thank you "!!
What a rewarding experience filled with enthusiasm, gratitude,
fellowship and love!
Stay tuned for the adventures of Friday's fieldtrip!

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